Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's tough being a woman!

Join women of all ages in an interactive Beth Moore Study, “Esther, It’s Tough Being a Woman”,this Fall at First Baptist Church, Cornelia!

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Introductory Video Session
For both morning and evening studies
Sunday, September 13th - 5:30pm
Location: Banquet Room

Bible Study Options
Thursday @ 9:00 AM, Sept. 17 – Nov. 12th
Sunday @ 5:30 PM, Sept. 20 – Nov. 15th

WEM regularly sponsors interactive Bible Study courses to assist women at every age in: growing their relationship with God, understanding the Word and how to apply it in contemporary times, building and growing relationships with other women from the church and community - thus providing a motivational and inspirational sharing time, providing a time to share prayer concerns, identifying our unique God given gifts and learning to share them, in providing each woman with the opportunity to communicate with each other and more importantly God. These classes are provided on a seasonal basis (Fall, Winter, Spring) in a morning and an evening study course. There is usually a motivational and inspirational kick off or closing event at each study session. WEM of FBC, Cornelia provides an opportunity for women to reach women for Christ.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Simple Supper Fare

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simple Supper Fare

Please come join the fellowship!

Thursday evening, March 26th, 6:00 pm. - Banquet Room

Plans are to fellowship together over dinner, share in music with the Appalachian Folk Group and view the wrap-up DVD session with Priscilla Shirer. This event is planned for both morning and evening participants and guests. It will be a great time to share how we've grown through our time of journaling and Bible study, as well as a time to reflect on how God has been
faithful in our lives.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Close to God

Hey Everyone,

This week’s lessons from “He Speaks To Me” have really spoken to me. I hope it has for you as well. I love rereading the Bible stories of how God pays such full attention to detail. Over and over again since we began this journey with Priscilla and each other, I am reminded that God wants more for us than to just know about Him – He truly wants us to have that close relationship with Him, so that we ‘know’ Him. When we ‘know’ Him, then we can worship God acceptably. Jesus ‘minds the gap’ for us so that we are acceptable. There are no conditions, no pay backs, no sacrificial offerings on our part, only repentance for our imperfection. God gave it all for us – He doesn’t require us to ‘clean up’ before we come to Him – He wants us just as we are. That is where relationship with Him begins; but the beautiful thing is - that is not where it stays. We can grow that relationship and closeness and when we do, then our joy is complete. I love what Priscilla said, "We are not made acceptable to God by who we are but by Whose we are". That is all we need to know and to keep in our hearts in order to be apart of God’s family.

I can’t wait to continue this study. I’m so glad we have chosen to study together, sisters – uplifting and encouraging one another.

Thursday girls, don’t forget: if you have some baby things you would like to share with Rosalinda (the young Hispanic girl on our prayer list), do bring them in the morning.

See you soon

Love and Prayers,


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Laughter and Love

We love to have a wonderful time at morning Bible Study!! We look forward to our time of Christian fellowship and worship with excitement and enthusiasm. We are all 'sisters' in Christ and care deeply for one another.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Night of Bible Study

Kathy and Donna made a pact to encourage and pray for each other and for the women at FBC and the community to rely on God’s faithful guidance as we embark on the Winter Bible Study, “He Speaks To Me,” by Priscilla Shirer. We look forward to a great time together and want to hear ideas you may have about ‘going green’ as well as topics and events you want and need in your growing relationship with our Father. You will hear more about a culminating event for this Bible Study. On Thursday evening, March 26th, a ‘simple supper’ and wrap-up DVD session is planned for both morning and evening participants and guests. It will be a great time to share how we’ve grown through our time of journaling and Bible study. It will be a time to share with each other about how God has been faithful in our lives and about how we are learning individually and together. We will share how to be prepared to hear God speak to us.

Getting to know each other!
Kathy Crow, Donna Haynes, Nancy Burrell and Virginia Webb

Co-leader for evening WEM Bible Study - Celia Brooks
Friendship and Fellowship
Linda Benfield, Sabrina McMullan, Kim Reed and Monica Parker
Jane Foster and Charlotte Meister

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Bible Study

Winter Women’s Enrichment Ministry
First Baptist Church Cornelia
He Speaks To Me
Preparing to Hear From God
By Priscilla Shirer

Listening and responding is vital in a relationship with God. That is why the Women’s Enrichment Ministry at First Baptist Church, Cornelia, has chosen to study “He Speaks to Me, Preparing to Hear from God,” by the well-known Christian author, Priscilla Shirer.All community women are invited and encouraged to attend one of the Bible Study options that runs from Sunday, February 8 – March 15th at 5:30 pm or Thursday mornings, February 12th – March 19th at 9:00 am. This DVD study draws life lessons from the account of God speaking to the boy Samuel. In this beloved Bible story found in 1 Samuel 3, Priscilla relates 6 characteristics found in Samuel that are applicable to women today as they tune their hearts to hear God’s voice.Don’t miss out on being ready to say “Here I am,” when God calls you to action. Don’t miss out on the great fellowship and inspiration you can draw from spending time discussing God’s word with other women. The cost for the study guide is $15.00. Childcare will be provided at a.m. session upon request.For information, or to reserve your Bible Study guide, call Donna Trotter 706-778-2893 or email at:

Bible Study Options
Sunday Evenings @ 5:30 PM
February 8th - March 15th
Thursday Mornings @ 9:00 AM
February 12 – March 19th

Camp Pinnacle Retreat

Kathy Crowe, FBC evening Bible Study facilitator, and Donna Trotter, WEM Director, attended SELAH at Camp Pinnacle on Jan. 22 – 24th for a weekend of inspiration, motivation and reflection. SELAH is a retreat for Women’s Enrichment and Women’s Missions Leaders and is sponsored each year by the Ga Baptist WMU/WEM/WOM. It is coordinated by Janet Speer, Women’s Consultant for the Convention. While there, Kathy and Donna attended sessions encouraging WEM team leaders to ‘stay connected’ by taking advantage of every available communication resource out there, (e.g.) internet, snail mail, flyers, newspapers, phone, web sites, blogs and facebook. Graphic and communication specialists from the Alabama Baptist Convention headquarters spoke to the group on putting together cutting edge media formats for today’s women. The theme for the week-end retreat was “keeping it simple”. We were reminded that time is now. Time may be short for women to get back to the Bible for direction, instruction and guidance in raising our children, grandchildren and for reaching out to our family, co-workers and communities. Our earth’s resources are not unlimited and we are called by God to be good stewards of His time and this land.

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